A project costing over €200,000 for laying approximately 250 metres of new pipes

Work began on the new zero-emission sewage network in Magnago in July, which uses eco-friendly materials, environmentally friendly vehicles and includes planting trees with high carbon dioxide absorption.

This is Gruppo CAP’s first sustainable construction site, entrusted to the company SIA srl, within the 2018-2021 framework agreement. Both Gruppo CAP and SIA srl have chosen to focus on sustainability: the construction site, with an expected cost of €222,560, foresees a series of measures, working methods and the use of materials that reduce emissions in full harmony with the local area, including in terms of circular economy.

"Resilience is the word that best describes our approach with regard to the Magnago area and all the municipalities of Milan," commented Alessandro Russo, President and CEO of Gruppo CAP. “We have set out in black and white our first sustainability plan, which looks towards 2033 and focuses on the circular economy as our reference model to minimise environmental impact and the waste of such an essential resource as water, valorizing waste materials.”